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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  May 30, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tragedy strikes a prince george's county neighborhood.
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three people found dead, apparent victims of can carbon monoxide poisoning the derrick ward has the story. >> reporter: a sad gathering, a hyattsville. three people were found dead. >> the mother of one of the boy's sons came and told me that they weren't responding to a knock on the door. and i told her to knock again and try the 911. by the time i got my shoes on and i came up, she said -- she found them they were dead. >> reporter: two of the victims, 17-year-old and 20-year-old were brothers. >> always be around with me.
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always talked to me. good things. >> reporter: the third victim a 21-year-old was a close friend. >> they were living together and ready to move out. they were helping my son until he got on his feet. >> reporter: family members gathered outside the tragic scenario their deaths weren't revealed. neighbors and relatives said the house was in foreclosure. the three men were going to move what was inside out. the electricity was cut off and hooked up a generator in the basement to run an air conditioner, television and lights. authorities say circumstances that played out in this home happen far too often, deadly reminders of the danger running gas powered generators in a closed environment. >> the fire department told us that it's 35 parts per million and when they went into the house it was 12 parts per million. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. >> the woman who found the
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victims was also. hospitalized. she's being treated for carbon mond m.o monoxide poisoning. >> the kidnapping yesterday was not a kidnapping. it was a family pushing her into the van. three people forcing the girl into the van yesterday. authorities say the family was moving to florida and stopped in virginia. the teenager told police she did not want to move so family members forced her back into the van kicking and screaming. prosecutors say now they are going need to decide whether to file any charges against the family members. a trip all stabbing inside a metro station overnight leaves one man dead and two others in the hospital. tonight police are looking for dirl. it happened at the congress heights station in the 1,200 block of alabama of a enough in southeast d.c. a 21-year-old man was killed.
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two other victims are expected to survive. district police are asking anyone who may have seen that stabbing to give them a call. it's back to the drawing board for british petroleuming tonight. bp says it is now working on a new plan to cap the oil spill in the gulf because the so-called top kill did not work. so now workers are drilling relief wells as a long term solution. but the wells won't be done for two months. bp will try to use remote control robots to fix a broken pipe and then cap the leak with a containment valve that's already resting on the sea floor. >> what is clear is that there was multiple failures. as in any major accident, airline accident or any major accident, it's clear from our investigation and all of the things that are emerging around this, multiple failures. >> meanwhile atlantic hurricane season starts tuesday.
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that means any big storm in the gulf would mean another huge wrench in bp's plans. an annual tribute to fallen troops rolled into the nation's capital today, thousands participated in rolling thunder. it's all part of d.c.'s memorial day observances and darcy spencer is live tonight at west potomac park with more. good evening. >> reporter: you know, many of these veterans have driven for days and days on their motorcycles to be here for rolling thunder today. for many it is a time healing. thousands of riders on motorcycles crossed the memorial bridge from the pentagon parking lot in a rolling thunder tribute to men and women in uniform. those who fought, those who died, those who never made it home. snibl it's the right thing here to keep awareness of the pow/mias. there will be wars in the future and people will end up as pows
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and mias. we can't forget people. >> i had a good friend shot down in 1982, returned in '89. there were things -- i mean they were look forge him but it so happens they found him. >> reporter: for many veterans trip to washington for rolling thunder is annual tradition. they ride from all across the country to be here. there were speakers that talked about the veterans rites. >> reason you can have a hot dog in a day in a park is because of what everyone did together to allow to us have american freedom. whether they fought in the war or whether they were the wives at home taking care of the newborn babies. ♪ >> reporter: musical entertainment that included nancy sinatra. the there were many more who
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stopped to watch and gave thanks. >> to wave to the veterans and show them our appreciation. they gave a lot, even the veterans who came back who think they didn't give a lot. >> reporter: many of those veterans say they have been come hearing for more than 20 years for rolling thunder. they plan don't that tradition to honor and remember those who gave their life and service to their country. reporting in northwest, darcy spencer, news 4. gary coleman's family want to know what led to the actor's head injuries that killed him. after drawing the ire of many in the gay community, a rapper did his act. and the storm in guatemala. first tropical storm of the season. it's wreaking havoc. >> hot temperatures on the way up to the upper 80s today but we
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aim for 90s tomorrow. i'll that have hat memorial day weekend weather forecast. the coca-cola 600 is going on down in charlotte. >> a lot going on. but another big name says au rev oimpb r to the french open. and indip 500. news 4 at 6:00
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. tropical storm agatha's rain and land slides have killed 63 in guatemala. many of the mudslides were near guatemala city. some areas got as much as 11 inches of rain in just over a day. this is the first tropical storm of 2010. back here tonight the search continues for a 73-year-old missing man from silver spring. today montgomery county police and u.s. park police as well used search and rescue dogs along with horse to look for the man. police are mainly looking in the area near his house. he was last seen thursday. searchers say they also are looking into the park. when we come back. today was gorgeous. could memorial day be nicer. we'll have your memorial day forecast.
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this is beyond cable. this is fios. . gary coleman's estranged parents said they don't know how their son died thaent answer. the information child star's parents were notified of his death through the media. in that article coleman's mother is quoted as saying we're not pointing fingers but we need to know what happened pap hospital supposed person said coleman was hospitalized after an accidents inside his utah home. he died two days later.
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no cause of death. but it was not suspicious. d.c. rapper took the stage at washington's black pride festival today. he was pulled out about two weeks ago and some accused him cancelling because he found out the festival was a gay event. a few organizers called him h o homophobic. he tweeted, quote, i'm not scared nor day have any hatred for anybody. folks, there's a new peanut display that's raising a few eyebrows. take a look at this recreation of the last sirp. features famous vegetarians and guests include pamccartney and paula anderson. you can check it out from now until june 6th on the national
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mall. to be out doing anything outside it was down right gorgeous pap lot of folks have that extra day this week, they wonder about tomorrow. >> tomorrow will be good. you got to be ready for authenticate. hopefully we won't have as much traffic around tomorrow. it's great to have you with us, everybody. let's talk about trend heading into memorial day. it's about the hot weather moving in. today we reached a high of 88 at reagan national. tomorrow we'll work on low 90s. this is definitely a summer time feel. at this hour frederick is 91. la plata is 89. clinton, maryland is 87. no showers or storms locally. across south central virginia a couple fired up. not around here. don't have to worry about that. heading in to the nighttime hours we'll ease back to 78 by 9:00. should be clear at 11:00, 76. tomorrow morning in the muggy 70s for a low but the sun will shine blooigt. sunrise is 5:45. a lot of moisture across the
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deep south. some will start dome up in our region as early as tomorrow afternoon but should focus along the western mountains. what's going to get here first, though? see that 90 in chicago? all that heat. that will be building east and moving here tomorrow so we'll have our turn at that. so you can fire up the grill. we'll reach a high of 92. that 30% chance of showers and storms is mainly out towards winchester along i-81 and points west into western maryland like cumberland, out into deep creek and west virginia. now one or two of these might try to meander into learn luc but the bulk of our area will stay dry. if you're watching us or take to it the beach tomorrow, ocean city walsh temperature has warmed up to 67. actually picked up a degree since last saw you. 88 for the high at the beach. should be nice and warm and mostly sunny. here's future cast showing moisture off to the west.
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we'll save most of it for coming in here on tuesday. by then you need the umbrellas. to recap this evening no problems, mainly clear, 76 to 84. coming up tomorrow morning should be beautiful. dawning with mainly clear skies. 71 when you get up. and tomorrow afternoon for memorial day, 89 to 92, west to southwest winds. 60% chance of thunderstorms await you on tuesday. wednesday we'll have a break, 87. hot again on thursday nearing 90. late day storm possible. friday will be the other day next week with storms and saturday is looking cooler and staying in the 70s. craig, that's my weather scoop. hope you guys have a great memorial day weekend. >> kim martucci, thanks so much. when we come back we'll head back to indianapolis. it was a mechanic's field day. dan is going to give us all the highlights rig
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nats out west. it's been up and down so far. >> this one still going. good day for ryan zimmerman. he's 20% to that magic 500 home run. he hit home run 100 this afternoon. second player drafted 2005 or later to have 100 home runs. that's pretty good stat. zimmerman keeping the nats in this one out there. zimmerman, face of the franchise, strasburg, first inning he shows why john gar land serves it up.
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zimmerman gobbles it up. career home run number 100 or is it? zimmerman obviously think it is. did this thing go over the wall? yes, it does. bounces around. nationals on top, 1-0. bottom of the fourth, tony quinn going the other way. yes. matt stares comes around to score. padres takes a 2-1 lead. batting .185 but comes from good genes. six innings more zimmerman, absolutely raking out in san diego. then with another home run. the game is currently tied at 2-2. we're in the top of the ninth inning as we speak. o's visiting gaston and his power hitting bluejays in toronto. first pitch of the game and top of the eighth gone. courtesy of batista who leads
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the league in home runs. 15th of the season. his name is appropriate because five pitchers later, oh, man. not again. alex gonzalez with back-to-back jack. the o's fall 6-1. swept by the jays. before today he didn't give up an earned run in 5 appearance. today two runs and six pitches. bluejays clip the orioles. orioles headed to new york tomorrow. it seemed like a relatively pedestrian indy 500 until the end. everybody trying to conserve fuel but not give up speed. dario franchetti took the checkered in front of dan wellden. indy, jack nicholson, mario andretti kissed the bricks. john andretti can't handle the wall. these things not made for
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contact. that crash nothing compared to right here at the end of the race. mike conway in the 24 goes up and over. ryan hunter airborne into the wall and then the car disintegrates when it hits the wall. conway goes over the front wheel that launches him into taxpayer. he's been flown to the hospital. he was conscious. he was complaining of leg pain. very lucky if that's all that happened there. the race finishes under caution. dario franchetti wins it after 155 of 200 laps. that's his wife, ashley judd. dario franchetti gets his second win and a kiss from his wife in victory lane. not a bad way to be. chip gnassi, first owner to in win nascar and indy in the same
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contemporary. venus williams said she will no locker wear lacy underwear. venus who was number two seed ousted in straight sets by nadia petrova. venus going with the conservative approach wearing the long sleeved shirt over her french maid outfit today. the outfit was a lot better in the past. venus had a lot of unforced errors. peritr petrova got her on the run. on match point, petrova gets venus to anticipate the wrong way. 6-4, 6-3. first time venus has been beaten who will stick around and play doubles with her sister. roger federer advanced in straight sets. women's basketball the mystics in action at home. let's see how this one played out. craig melvin wasn't in the
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newsroom. i thought we spotted him. i was wondering where you were. good thing you have a lot more rhythm than i thought you did. the mystics up. coleman kicks it tout curry for the jumper. 37-26, mystics on the. in the fourth, curry all over the place. look at this. watch the bows. hits a little runner in the lane. mystics win it 69-65. they are 4-3 on the year. >> thanks to you as well. that's all we got for you for now. we'll be back, course at 11:00. we want tlooef you tonight what has become an annualradition here in d.c., tens ever thousands descending on nation's capital for rolling thunder. of course, remembering the fallen on this memorial day weekend. we'll see you back here at 11:00. until then that's the news. good night.
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